Friday, May 28, 2010

A Game.

No, I'm not a GAMEs freak. As one of my friend says, I do not have that 'sportsman spirit' to be a player. But, these days I have started playing small games at office to take a brake (or to kill time!).
A few days ago while playing an online game, I remembered of a small game somewhere lost in memory. I had learnt this game in my granny's village during my primary school days. This game is really small and interesting and anybody can play it. Sometimes you might win this game in just a few moves, but sometimes it might take longer than you expect. It all depends on your opponent!

How To Play?

  • This is a two-player game. Player-1 will have GREEN pawns and player-2 will have PINK pawns (colors chosen by me). If you select 'single player' then computer will be your opponent.
  • Each player will have 3 pawns.
  • At the beginning, the grid will be empty The white circles are empty nodes.
  • You can keep your pawns at empty nodes till all three pawns are on the grid.
  • After all three pawns are on grid, you can move/shift your pawns. A pawn can move only along linked lines and only one step a move. To move, first you have to select the pawn to move and then click on the empty node where you want to move.
  • To restart the game, refresh the page.

How To Win?

  • You WIN when you bring all your pawns into one straight line.
    The algorithm played by computer is written by me. Its not an optimum algo. Hence, 'Happy Winning'.

The game is developed in Java. So you will need Java pluggin installed in your computer. If you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs (or anything) please leave a comment.

Final Note

I do not know the name of this game. If you are aware of the name, please inform. Or just suggest me some good name.
Hope you will enjoy playing the game.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jab We Met again.

It was the 3-day weekend from Good Friday to Easter. The Friday which wasn't really good for me. When all my friend (including my colleague) were enjoying there holiday, I was in office (just physically). The day before, my friend (Ravi) had called me saying "lets go out to some place, we have three day break." I asked "where to? and who all do you think will come". At that time all our friends were scattered in different places. Chennai, Dharmasthala, Chamrajnagar, Mysore and most of all Bangalore. He replied "Lets try!."

We shared our responsibility to call our friends (and convince) for a trip. I got few replies like this.
"I'm ready for cool place. But no trecking please."
"I'm not interested..! I want to take rest and eat non-veg food made by my mum..!"
"I have work on saturday...! No three day week-end for me...!"
"I can't make it. I'll be in Dharmasthala..."
"I'm already in train. Going to my home-town. But I'm very much interested in trip."

With such beautiful replies we decided to go with whoever can make it. Then comes the issue of "where to?" Few of the choices were Hogenakal, Melukote, Waynadu, Madikeri. After a lot of discussion and more than 100Rs of talktime, we decided to go to Madikeri. Because, its a cool place, nothing to treck. Moreover, because it is close to Kushalnagar!!! The plan was to catch-up in Joby's home on Friday evening. Tour Madikeri on saturday.

KC, who was traveling to Shivmoga from Chennai changed his route at Bangalore and arrived to Mysore. Raghu canceled his plans of taking rest. Ravi was in Chamrajnagar and took leave on Saturday. Atheeth was in Bangalore. They all met in Mysore and traveled to Kushalnagar... to Joby's home. Meanwhile, I left office 2 hours early. But could not join them.

By Friday night Shaikshavali had left his native (Hospet). He arrived at Mysore by 6am. Upendra and Me joined Shaik. We reached Kushalnagar by 9. Shaik got fresh, then we finished our breakfast. Our Qualis was ready by 10am.

That how we made a Trip... after a long time! The below snap was taken in front of the doorway to "Thala-Kaveri" temple. For more snaps click here.

From left to right: Raghavendra, Shaikshavali, Chethan, Atheeth, Ravi, Joby, Upendra and lastly me.