Friday, June 18, 2010

8 weird things in one day.

1) 2:30 am, walking on the B.M. road. Banging on the doors of lodges of Sakleshpur.
About a kilometer from new bus-stand to old bus-stand. Knocked every lodge we found on the way. After 5 or 6 lodges, we found a suitable one, took a room. Deep-in-sleep by 3:30 am.

2) Around 5 hours continuously soaked in rain.
Trekking on the Manglore railway track from Sakaleshpura to Maranahalli. Walk/trek in the rain for about 15km. Completely wet (even my inner-wear was wet). We came through few bridges, two tunnels, one water falls and lots of mountains around.

3) Saw two 1 rupee coins go flatter on railway track.
In the middle of our trek, we crossed a train coming from the opposite direction. I had heard in my childhood that a coin kept on the railway track transforms into a magnet when crossed by a train. So, kept two coins on the track. Though it did not turn into magnets, the shapes created was fascinating. One coin was a little apple/heart shaped. On another coin, everything was erased except "Sathyameva Jayathe" ("Truth Alone Triumphs")

4) Two trains crossed us.
First train was the one which made our coins flat. Another goods train crossed when we were in the middle of a tunnel. But there was a small exit through the tunnel. We watched the train through that exit, moving inside the tunnel making a lot of noise.

5) 3 kms in tractor on a bumpy road, in not-standing-not-sitting position.
From railway track to highway, it was village road of 3 km. All bumpy-ghat-road. The tractor we got was previously used for transporting some kind of gobar compost. So, we could not sit. Neither we could stand. We were all dirty and with aching body parts when we reached our destination.

6) Wallet lost, don't even know when and where.
Ah... I don't know how. But I did lose my Wallet. It had around 800Rs of cash. More important than cash, it had my lucky 10paise coin, a 10Rs coin and the coin I had kept on railway track just a few hours ago.

7) Seated in Driver's but wasn't driving.
After walk, tractor and bus it was time for a Jeep from Gundya to Subhramanya. I opted to seat in front with driver. The driver told that he would get at least 10 customers, but it was filled with more than 10. He first asked me to sit in driver's seat. I was puzzled, but it was usual for him. After everybody was boarded, he sat in a corner of the seat(sharing with me) and comfortably drove. Ugh... we reached Subhramanya safely.

8) Boothaaradane.
A special kind of pooja called as Bootharadane was scheduled on the day at the Subhramanya Temple. A man with lot of make-up (made to look like a tiger I guess), danced in front of the god with different ornaments.

Here are the snaps taken along our journey.

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Game.

No, I'm not a GAMEs freak. As one of my friend says, I do not have that 'sportsman spirit' to be a player. But, these days I have started playing small games at office to take a brake (or to kill time!).
A few days ago while playing an online game, I remembered of a small game somewhere lost in memory. I had learnt this game in my granny's village during my primary school days. This game is really small and interesting and anybody can play it. Sometimes you might win this game in just a few moves, but sometimes it might take longer than you expect. It all depends on your opponent!

How To Play?

  • This is a two-player game. Player-1 will have GREEN pawns and player-2 will have PINK pawns (colors chosen by me). If you select 'single player' then computer will be your opponent.
  • Each player will have 3 pawns.
  • At the beginning, the grid will be empty The white circles are empty nodes.
  • You can keep your pawns at empty nodes till all three pawns are on the grid.
  • After all three pawns are on grid, you can move/shift your pawns. A pawn can move only along linked lines and only one step a move. To move, first you have to select the pawn to move and then click on the empty node where you want to move.
  • To restart the game, refresh the page.

How To Win?

  • You WIN when you bring all your pawns into one straight line.
    The algorithm played by computer is written by me. Its not an optimum algo. Hence, 'Happy Winning'.

The game is developed in Java. So you will need Java pluggin installed in your computer. If you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs (or anything) please leave a comment.

Final Note

I do not know the name of this game. If you are aware of the name, please inform. Or just suggest me some good name.
Hope you will enjoy playing the game.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Jab We Met again.

It was the 3-day weekend from Good Friday to Easter. The Friday which wasn't really good for me. When all my friend (including my colleague) were enjoying there holiday, I was in office (just physically). The day before, my friend (Ravi) had called me saying "lets go out to some place, we have three day break." I asked "where to? and who all do you think will come". At that time all our friends were scattered in different places. Chennai, Dharmasthala, Chamrajnagar, Mysore and most of all Bangalore. He replied "Lets try!."

We shared our responsibility to call our friends (and convince) for a trip. I got few replies like this.
"I'm ready for cool place. But no trecking please."
"I'm not interested..! I want to take rest and eat non-veg food made by my mum..!"
"I have work on saturday...! No three day week-end for me...!"
"I can't make it. I'll be in Dharmasthala..."
"I'm already in train. Going to my home-town. But I'm very much interested in trip."

With such beautiful replies we decided to go with whoever can make it. Then comes the issue of "where to?" Few of the choices were Hogenakal, Melukote, Waynadu, Madikeri. After a lot of discussion and more than 100Rs of talktime, we decided to go to Madikeri. Because, its a cool place, nothing to treck. Moreover, because it is close to Kushalnagar!!! The plan was to catch-up in Joby's home on Friday evening. Tour Madikeri on saturday.

KC, who was traveling to Shivmoga from Chennai changed his route at Bangalore and arrived to Mysore. Raghu canceled his plans of taking rest. Ravi was in Chamrajnagar and took leave on Saturday. Atheeth was in Bangalore. They all met in Mysore and traveled to Kushalnagar... to Joby's home. Meanwhile, I left office 2 hours early. But could not join them.

By Friday night Shaikshavali had left his native (Hospet). He arrived at Mysore by 6am. Upendra and Me joined Shaik. We reached Kushalnagar by 9. Shaik got fresh, then we finished our breakfast. Our Qualis was ready by 10am.

That how we made a Trip... after a long time! The below snap was taken in front of the doorway to "Thala-Kaveri" temple. For more snaps click here.

From left to right: Raghavendra, Shaikshavali, Chethan, Atheeth, Ravi, Joby, Upendra and lastly me.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

eMpTy Mind

"MT mind"... that's how I was refered by "MindTree Ltd"... the first company to offer me a job. I have lot of love and respect towards it, though I didn't join. I thought of sharing my experience with recruitment process of MindTree.

MindTree was alloted 2 days for recruitment process. It was Saturday and Sunday (a weekend and I don't remember the dates!). It was the second DREAM company attending our college. The ppt was at around 9am. I went a little late to the ppt. Hence, missed a little 'blah blah blah's. At the end of ppt what I understood was, MindTree was a good company.

"MindTree, Dream, 3.2lpa"... Most of my friends/classmates didn't show up for this company. The people who were placed into mass companies (like TCS, Infosys, Wipro) were not eligible for attending first five dream companies. The other category of people who were waiting for DREAM didn't show up because of lower pay. So... competition was less!

First Round

MindTree was not like other companies in terms of their recruitment process. For my surprise, first round was not aptitude test. Aptitude is the only thing I was a little good at (though not the best). The first round was a programming cum verbal ability test (where we have to write a program and an essay). I thought of leaving the test hall. "Its not going to happen" I thought "and more over its a DREAM company." But somehow I sat through the test without true interest and without the company of my friends.

The written test was for an hour. First half of the hour was for programming and next half for writing an essay. I have forgotten what was the task given for programming (I think its for shuffling a deck of playing cards.) Before I started writing anything on the paper, they told us that people from non-CS branch can write the algorithm instead of program. "Thank God" I thought. I wrote some algorithm well within the time limit.

Next came another horrible thing for me... writing an essay of about a page. At the end of first half of the hour, the topic was given. "The values I stand for and how they have helped me." Now thats some topic! I am a lazy guy, who doesn't even stand for himself. But I've to stand for 'values'. After thinking for about ten minutes, I decided to stand for Honesty and Punctuality! I somehow managed to write an essay of more than a page with big letters, large word/line spacing!

The results were out by noon (1pm or so.) The list of shortlisted was put up on notice board. And for my surprise, my name was there. I had to report back for second round at 2pm.

Second Round

The recruitment event was for two days. So, I was expecting the next rounds on day 2. I was shabbily clothed, wearing jeans, t-shirt, sandals, unshaved beard, uncut nails etc. I decided to attend next round on that outfit itself, since my home was far enough for a makeover! But my friend suggested to wear his clothes, whose room/home was nearby.

I reported punctually at right time! We were told that the recruitment process would be wind up on the same day...! The second round was a Group Discussion. 'GD'... another area where I am week at! talking! And this was my first official GD in my life. 4 or 5 groups was made dividing among the short-listed. I was in the first group, containing 9 people. I had seen all those people in the campus, but knew none of them well. Only one guy was an acquaintance. "Pocket money. Is it enough these days?" or something similar was our first topic. I somehow made an entry into discussion. I hardly spoke 5 sentences, and ran out of words. GD continues for 15-20 more minutes without me uttering a word.

For the second topic they wanted everyone to speak. So, they asked us to speak one by one in an order. The topic was "Group Discussion. Is it necessary in an job interview?". I was the third man to speak. First two made comments saying 'its necessary'. I took a chance and spoke against it. "I don't think its necessary..." I spoke and made few points. In this discussion I made a second entry saying "GD is necessary IF...", some more points.

I was happy that I had opened my mouth...! The result was announced half an hour later. I was through to the next round. Actually, except for two guys all were through in my group.

Third Round

Third round was personal interview. After GD there was almost a hour gap. After roaming inside the waiting hall (which was dull and silent with serious faces) for a little while, call for interview came. The interview was held in an ordinary classroom, with two desks kept back-to-back. A coordinator standing in the door of classroom asked me "why have you not made your chin?". "Found no time!", I replied. He gave a pitiful smile and I entered the room.

Inside the room was the good man who wasn't worried of my beard. The interview went almost for 40 min. First 20-30 mins was questions on written test, programming, logic design etc. All questions were easy, and I answered them with confidence. The remaining time was consumed by some HR type questions. The interview went good (though not impressive I guess,) and I answered all questions honestly.

I came out of the place at around 6pm. Now it was time to jump into my jeans and sandals. I went straight to my friends' room/home.


I did not like the idea of checking the outcome on the same day. But my friend insisted on going back to college for results. So, we went back to college at 8pm. The interview process was over, but the results were not yet announced. HRs were finalizing the list of selected. we stood waiting for almost half an hour. Finally the 'final list' was ready. The names of selected was called out.

"Ugh... Thank god! for getting the job. That too DREAM! and after attending 13 companies...", I thought. More than happy, I was calmed and relieved of the tensions about 'which was the next company!'

At this moment, I would like to thank three of my friends... Abhilash, Chethan and Manjunath. Abhilash for his cotton shirt and trousers. Chethan for his shoe. Manjunath for his belt. And socks... I don't remember!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Shock-lock Redemption. (Based on) a true story.

This is the story of a hero... our hero. Our hero was new to the metro city. He came to live with his brother. The location of the home is a small not-metro not -village kind of a place. The home is actually just a room with no attached bathroom. Bathroom is outside the room. The room/home is in the 3rd flour. The building is surrounded by very few houses and more of empty sites. Our hero made no friends or acquaints in the area.

One fine day, our brother hero left to work at 6:15am. Our hero is still sleeping. When he woke up, time is 7:30am. Our lazy hero, very lately found out that the door was locked (or probably just latched) from outside. He tried pulling the door hard, but how will it open?. It's a strong door. He started thinking what to do??? He is terribly stuck in a shock. Early in the morning he is locked inside a room which don't even have a attached bathroom. A small window gave him outside view.

The brother hero will return only by 4pm. The very thought of the plight till 4pm (8 long hours) gave shivering in his veins. Then somehow he came out of those thoughts and started thinking of coming out of the home/room.

Firstly, he searched for the things in room that could help. He found his brother's phone. “ah, lets see the contacts. Hope I can find the contact of owner or someone who lived nearby...” he thought. He went through the whole phone book but found nothing interesting. Now he found a dairy. But of no use, it was empty.

Secondly, He thought of contacting friends who could help or just give some ideas. He called friend_1 who is 18km away. The friend_1 started giggling. Then he gave our hero an idea. 'If you know any shop owner near by' or 'if you have any bills with phone number of shop'... Call them for help. Unfortunately our hero did not know of any shop-owners nor did he get any bills.

Later, our hero called-up his boss. The boss also was not of much help, but granted permission to come late to office.

Our hero now remembered of a friend_2, who stays at a distance of 10km. Friend_2 didn't receive the call (Probably was busy). Next is friend_3, who stays at a distance of 5-6km. Friend_3 was not in his dwelling place. Hence could not help.

Thirdly, a ray of hope came from the small window. Through the window he could see nothing much. There were apartments far away. No houses could be seen in the surrounding. Most of the view space is cover by the balcony itself. The window was cover by wire-mesh (to prevent mosquitoes). Our hero somehow pierced his hand through the wire-mesh. But, the door is not reachable for his short hands. Hands... half outside, half inside the wire-mesh. He suddenly remembered about an umbrella... short... pocket sized. He pierced the umbrella through the wire-mesh. With the umbrella, the length of the hand increased... virtually. Still, nothing fruitful happened. Umbrella malfunction. It didn't open-up at all. The superb plan of opening the latch with umbrella was a superb plop.

Fourthly, “lets shout... for HELP” he thought. So, He decided to shout. With full energy. In Kannada... In English...

Nothing happened even after continuous shouting for 4-5 min. Again the thoughts of the house-arrest till 4pm shivered his veins. After taking a short break...

Shouting started again. Fortunately (probably), some one heard his voice. It was a man who lived in 1st floor of the building next to our hero's building. The man came out of his house into the balcony. He started looking around to check from where the voice is coming... It was like a AKASHVANI for him. He could not see the source but only hear the voice. Now, our hero stater to shout much louder. With all the energy stored in the body (in the form of lipids! I guess). Still the man could not get any idea of the voice source.

Our hero now gave the full description of the building and direction of the voice source. At last, after a lot of explanation, the man found the voice source. The man is a good man. He decided to help. He walked all the way form 1st floor of his building to 3rd floor of our hero's building.

Ah, the door was just latched from outside. Finally after 3 hours of house-arrest, our hero was released. Our so called Hero... By the man... good man!