Friday, January 22, 2010

The Shock-lock Redemption. (Based on) a true story.

This is the story of a hero... our hero. Our hero was new to the metro city. He came to live with his brother. The location of the home is a small not-metro not -village kind of a place. The home is actually just a room with no attached bathroom. Bathroom is outside the room. The room/home is in the 3rd flour. The building is surrounded by very few houses and more of empty sites. Our hero made no friends or acquaints in the area.

One fine day, our brother hero left to work at 6:15am. Our hero is still sleeping. When he woke up, time is 7:30am. Our lazy hero, very lately found out that the door was locked (or probably just latched) from outside. He tried pulling the door hard, but how will it open?. It's a strong door. He started thinking what to do??? He is terribly stuck in a shock. Early in the morning he is locked inside a room which don't even have a attached bathroom. A small window gave him outside view.

The brother hero will return only by 4pm. The very thought of the plight till 4pm (8 long hours) gave shivering in his veins. Then somehow he came out of those thoughts and started thinking of coming out of the home/room.

Firstly, he searched for the things in room that could help. He found his brother's phone. “ah, lets see the contacts. Hope I can find the contact of owner or someone who lived nearby...” he thought. He went through the whole phone book but found nothing interesting. Now he found a dairy. But of no use, it was empty.

Secondly, He thought of contacting friends who could help or just give some ideas. He called friend_1 who is 18km away. The friend_1 started giggling. Then he gave our hero an idea. 'If you know any shop owner near by' or 'if you have any bills with phone number of shop'... Call them for help. Unfortunately our hero did not know of any shop-owners nor did he get any bills.

Later, our hero called-up his boss. The boss also was not of much help, but granted permission to come late to office.

Our hero now remembered of a friend_2, who stays at a distance of 10km. Friend_2 didn't receive the call (Probably was busy). Next is friend_3, who stays at a distance of 5-6km. Friend_3 was not in his dwelling place. Hence could not help.

Thirdly, a ray of hope came from the small window. Through the window he could see nothing much. There were apartments far away. No houses could be seen in the surrounding. Most of the view space is cover by the balcony itself. The window was cover by wire-mesh (to prevent mosquitoes). Our hero somehow pierced his hand through the wire-mesh. But, the door is not reachable for his short hands. Hands... half outside, half inside the wire-mesh. He suddenly remembered about an umbrella... short... pocket sized. He pierced the umbrella through the wire-mesh. With the umbrella, the length of the hand increased... virtually. Still, nothing fruitful happened. Umbrella malfunction. It didn't open-up at all. The superb plan of opening the latch with umbrella was a superb plop.

Fourthly, “lets shout... for HELP” he thought. So, He decided to shout. With full energy. In Kannada... In English...

Nothing happened even after continuous shouting for 4-5 min. Again the thoughts of the house-arrest till 4pm shivered his veins. After taking a short break...

Shouting started again. Fortunately (probably), some one heard his voice. It was a man who lived in 1st floor of the building next to our hero's building. The man came out of his house into the balcony. He started looking around to check from where the voice is coming... It was like a AKASHVANI for him. He could not see the source but only hear the voice. Now, our hero stater to shout much louder. With all the energy stored in the body (in the form of lipids! I guess). Still the man could not get any idea of the voice source.

Our hero now gave the full description of the building and direction of the voice source. At last, after a lot of explanation, the man found the voice source. The man is a good man. He decided to help. He walked all the way form 1st floor of his building to 3rd floor of our hero's building.

Ah, the door was just latched from outside. Finally after 3 hours of house-arrest, our hero was released. Our so called Hero... By the man... good man!