Friday, June 18, 2010

8 weird things in one day.

1) 2:30 am, walking on the B.M. road. Banging on the doors of lodges of Sakleshpur.
About a kilometer from new bus-stand to old bus-stand. Knocked every lodge we found on the way. After 5 or 6 lodges, we found a suitable one, took a room. Deep-in-sleep by 3:30 am.

2) Around 5 hours continuously soaked in rain.
Trekking on the Manglore railway track from Sakaleshpura to Maranahalli. Walk/trek in the rain for about 15km. Completely wet (even my inner-wear was wet). We came through few bridges, two tunnels, one water falls and lots of mountains around.

3) Saw two 1 rupee coins go flatter on railway track.
In the middle of our trek, we crossed a train coming from the opposite direction. I had heard in my childhood that a coin kept on the railway track transforms into a magnet when crossed by a train. So, kept two coins on the track. Though it did not turn into magnets, the shapes created was fascinating. One coin was a little apple/heart shaped. On another coin, everything was erased except "Sathyameva Jayathe" ("Truth Alone Triumphs")

4) Two trains crossed us.
First train was the one which made our coins flat. Another goods train crossed when we were in the middle of a tunnel. But there was a small exit through the tunnel. We watched the train through that exit, moving inside the tunnel making a lot of noise.

5) 3 kms in tractor on a bumpy road, in not-standing-not-sitting position.
From railway track to highway, it was village road of 3 km. All bumpy-ghat-road. The tractor we got was previously used for transporting some kind of gobar compost. So, we could not sit. Neither we could stand. We were all dirty and with aching body parts when we reached our destination.

6) Wallet lost, don't even know when and where.
Ah... I don't know how. But I did lose my Wallet. It had around 800Rs of cash. More important than cash, it had my lucky 10paise coin, a 10Rs coin and the coin I had kept on railway track just a few hours ago.

7) Seated in Driver's but wasn't driving.
After walk, tractor and bus it was time for a Jeep from Gundya to Subhramanya. I opted to seat in front with driver. The driver told that he would get at least 10 customers, but it was filled with more than 10. He first asked me to sit in driver's seat. I was puzzled, but it was usual for him. After everybody was boarded, he sat in a corner of the seat(sharing with me) and comfortably drove. Ugh... we reached Subhramanya safely.

8) Boothaaradane.
A special kind of pooja called as Bootharadane was scheduled on the day at the Subhramanya Temple. A man with lot of make-up (made to look like a tiger I guess), danced in front of the god with different ornaments.

Here are the snaps taken along our journey.