Saturday, July 23, 2011


Ugh... It's been more than an year.! I have almost forgot how to write (does not mean I knew the 'art' of writing!) The whole problem in writing a blog is... the question 'what to write'?
Now I decided to do a comeback(!?). I thought of writing about Android apps! I have been using a android smart phone for almost a year( this has nothing to do with me not blogging for so long). I just thought of writing about the apps I have been using.

The below list is no way the best apps available in market.

Astro File Manager : One of the most used apps on my phone. Manage files, processes, installed apps, memory. What else can you expect.?!
Camera 360 : This app gives my phone's camera unusual(!) powers of HDR. It also has good features like stabilized capture, manual focus, timer and many special effects.
Raaga : Official app from Plays online music, smooth, clear and loud. Unfortunately latest kannada songs are not updated. But the Hindi songs db is good.
Droid Wallet : A simple application for book-keeping which helps me keep track of my money. You can also set up budgets, and view pie-charts of your income/expense.
Opera Mini : The web-kit based default browser is quite good. But when it comes to indic-languages, it fails. With this I can now read my friends' kannada blogs. And it is amazing with its speed... which comes with reduced support for javascript!
Dolphin Mini : Provides some cool features like, private browsing, full screen browsing, guesture recognition. And the UI is also quite impressive.
Yahoo Mail : Mail is not new to us.! But how many of you use yahoo.? Well if you have a yahoo account, then I recommand this app. I find this app much better than that of gmail (!).
Yahoo Messenger : This app from yahoo, allows you to chat with your fb friends (well, official fb app also allows chat, but is very buggy!) With this app, you can also send free SMS, make voice calls( I have never tried this feature!).
Words with friends : This classic simple game from zynga is my favorite, for not so obvious reasons.! If you have this game & wish to play with me... then my user name is 'crazy_roopi'.

Here I end my list. Its not complete!
There are many other apps which I use regularly. But I feel they are very common (like gmail, gtalk, facebook, twitter etc.)
There are apps which are really amazing, but I don't use regularly (like google goggles, vlingo, qq player, graffiti etc.)
There are games, which I have played and now lost intrest (like angry birds, slice it, raging thunder, shift, air control, paper toss, yo ninga, )

I am sure, you will be using different set of apps. I hope you will spare some time to share/recommend me a few.